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Who Are We?

Operation Mobilization works in over 110 countries, motivating and equipping people to share God’s love with people all over the world. OM seeks to help plant and strengthen churches, especially in areas of the world where Christ is least known. We mobilize short and long term teams in the areas of evangelism, church planting, relief and development, justice and mentoring. Every day, over 6,100 people working in more than 110 countries are serving with OM to bring a message of hope to the peoples of the world. We have one thing in common: we love Jesus and we want others to have the opportunity to hear about Him. Working in every continent and on every ocean (via our ship, Logos Hope), OM seeks to demonstrate and proclaim the love of God. In every situation, OM teams adapt to the local culture and situation, finding the best ways to proclaim and demonstrate the transforming power and love of Jesus. Through literature, the creative arts, friendship, Bible studies, various media, correspondence courses, relief and development work—by all means possible—we seek to share with people how our own lives have been changed, why theirs can change and how to experience that change through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Where possible, OM works in partnership with local churches to encourage and support local believers. Where there is no church, we seek to plant churches.

Where We Serve

We work in over 110 countries focusing on the least reached.

What We Do

Evangelism: As believers in Christ, we are commissioned to be His witnesses in every country, people group, and culture. We are called to deliver His message of hope, to proclaim to the world what He’s done in us – and what He can do for others.

Relief and Development: We are committed to being in the global forefront of relief and development. This could be disaster response that literally saves lives, the patient but difficult rebuilding of devastated communities or creating dignity in people through skills training and small business ventures.

Church Planting: Church planting is long-haul ministry that calls for vision, commitment, flexibility, patience and sensitivity to spontaneous opportunity. In OM, this often means working hand-in-hand with national churches that have a specific vision to establish new fellowships in particular areas.

Justice: Advocating for justice is concerned with the deeper, often invisible forces in societies, not only their consequences. Behind child labour is a lack of systems for children’s rights, and women caught in sex work often have no alternatives for income.

Mentoring: Mentoring includes training and the transfer of skills and knowledge, but it’s so much more. It’s a witness to an open life worthy of imitation—perhaps an older, experienced person ‘holding the ladder’ for a younger colleague.

Programs Offered

My Hope is our focus ministry for 2013. It is a grass roots outreach to reach people across Canada with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Under the guidance of their pastor, Christians will open their doors and share the Gospel message to friends, family, colleagues and neighbours using different media programs featuring Billy Graham, dynamic music and testimonies. Our Rapid Response chaplains minister to the emotional and spiritual needs of hurting people after disasters.

Program Requirements

We do not have any requirements to be involved in our programs.