Address:112 Edward street
Consecon ON
K0K 1T0 Canada

Who Are We?

We are a faith based, multi denominational residential home for women ages 18-30.

Where We Serve

We accept students from Canada and abroad.

What We Do

Provide Christian mentoring and discipleship through our structured programming of Biblical teaching, creative arts and ministry opportunities for your students.

Programs Offered

New Life now offers three, 4 month semesters for young women who are ages 18-30 who are struggling with life controlling issues. Young women applying to New Life may apply to stay for 4 months, 8 months or the full 12 month program depending on her situation. Although we address the outward behaviour (drug/alcohol addiction, sexual promiscuity, eating disorders, self-abuse and other compulsive behaviours), we go to the root of the life-controlling problem and address the inward, or “root” issue.

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Program Requirements

Ages from 18-30 Cost is 1.000/ month but money will not stop a student we will make a way


Dawn Bailey-Elbourne, Interim Executive Director.   | P:613.394.3341 • 1.855.301.LIFE (5433)