Water Ambassadors CanadaWebsit: http://www.waterambassadorscanada.org
Email: info@waterambassadorscanada.org
Address: 45 Sheppard Avenue East.
Suite 900, Toronto ON
M2N 5W9 Canada



Who Are We?

Water Ambassadors Canada is a registered Canadian water charity.  We send Canadian volunteer teams on short term missions to help provide clean drinking water in some of the poorest parts of the world.

Where We Serve

We work in Central America, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Uganada, DR Congo, Kenya and India.

What We Do

Teams to drill and repair wells, install water chlorination/filtration systems, distribute Sawyer filters and teach hygiene.  No experience required-just a willing heart.

Programs Offered

Most teams travel for 8 days usually Saturday to Saturday.

Program Requirements

All training is done on site and in country.  We do offer an overview of water technology training in Canada but it is not a requirement to join a team. Volunteers are from all ages (min. 15 yr)and abilities. You must raise your own funds from church, family and friends ($3000) which are receipted for tax purposes.