Websit: http://www.newcovenantforum.org
Email: info@newcovenantforum.org
North York Ontario
M2N 0B6 Canada

Who Are We?

Established in 1984 as The Toronto Jewish Mission, we are the nation’s oldest continuing Canadian ministry to the Jewish people. The goal of New Covenant Forum is to carry on a quiet, aggressive mission work of evangelism and discipleship within the Jewish community in the Greater Toronto area and beyond.

Where We Serve

We work in Central America, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Uganada, DR Congo, Kenya and India.

What We Do

New Covenant Forum exists to proclaim Jesus as Messiah and Lord to all who will listen, with a priority concern for all the Jewish people in Canada. We carry out this mission through personal discipleship and counselling, community interaction, direct evangelism and tract distribution, group bible studies, free English, Russian and Hebrew Bibles and a dynamic evangelistic website and blog.

Programs Offered

We always need people who are willing to pitch in and help for a few hours, a day or more. Whether it is to go out into the fields to reap or to stay in the ‘barn’ and do the chores, every hand enlarges the work that we are doing. We offer internships and volunteer opportunities for those who have a burden and a calling to reach the Jewish people. Vocational opportunities do arise on occasion.

Program Requirements

Volunteers should be 18 or over with a willingness to share their faith and heart for Jewish evangelism. A Jewish sensitivity is an asset. Training in Jewish evangelism is available