Websit: http://globalrecordings.net/en/ca
Email: ca@globalrecordings.net
Address: 115 Nebo Road
Hamilton, ON
L8W 2E1 Canada





Who Are We?

Our goal is to “tell the story of Jesus in Every Language” We record Bible stories and messages in minority languages that may not have the Bible in their language. Our emphasis in directed to those who are not able to read the Bible in their own language, if there is one. The ministry also has an emphasis on providing the Word of God to those who do not have it in their heart language.

Where We Serve

Global Recordings Network provides audio recordings for non-readers around the world.

What We Do

See above

Programs Offered

We primarily support national ministries from our Canadian office. There are needs for long term commitments to serve as recordists and technical workers in computer programming, technology and audio. There are some short term opportunities overseas. Individuals may esquire for further information.

Program Requirements

For long term commitment the individual should have 2 years of Bible college or equivalent knowledge. For technical skill the individual should have related training and experience. The ministry will train recordists as long as they have computer skills and Bible training.