Agape Unlimited Canada

Address: 12 Jocelyn Crescent
Suite 900, Toronto ON
M3B 1A2 Canada



Who Are We?

Since 1993, Agape Unlimited Canada as a Christian medical organization, has been showing God’s AGAPE love by providing medicines, medical consultations, and assistance to those who have little or no access to medical care. Focusing on both the most remote and isolated people groups in the Arctic and Siberia as well as the poor and overlooked in rural and urban areas, Agape sends teams to areas where the need for medical help is urgent.

Agape’s medical expeditions always work in conjunction with a church within the region.  This way the work continues after we leave.   The inevitable question always comes up, “Why do you do this?” When people ask, this is the perfect opportunity to tell them about God’s greatest gift, Jesus Christ. Because we have demonstrated God’s AGAPE love through medical care, they listen and often want to go deeper in the Gospel.

Where We Serve

Russia is a vast region with diverse people groups.  According to the Joshua Project, there are 162 different people groups in Russia and 76 are still considered unreached.  Agape’s goal is to reach out to these people.  Going where no one wants to go; Helping those no one cares about; and Sharing God’s Love with everyone.  This may take us to the remote areas in Siberia and beyond, or it may be in Moscow, meeting the needs of the medically under-served in the capital city.

Agape goes to the Tundra, Russia’s northernmost zone and a treeless, marshy plain, the Taiga, the worlds largest forest and an area about the size of the United States, that spans 11 time zones across Northern Russia.

What We Do

Agape sends medical teams to areas where the need for medical help is urgent, and provides medicines, medical consultations, and assistance to those who have little or no access to medical care.

Programs Offered

  • Medical Expeditions
  • Moscow Medical Program
  • Moscow English Program
  • Medical Student Program

see for details.

Program Requirements

As a multinational group of Christian believers who strive to work together in fulfilling Agape Unlimited’s mission, we seek to maintain our Christian identity, being sensitive to the interdenominational context in which we work together as fellow believers, not discriminating against those we treat who come with different beliefs nor placing a condition of acceptance of our beliefs in order to receive treatment. On our Christian medical expeditions, medical and non-medical people travel in small, individualized teams to the isolated parts of Russia to places where most do not want or care to go. Every team works with a local church in the region. Each team consists of 4-6 people (2-3 foreigners and 2-3 translators).

Agape needs non-medical people who will GO on these medical teams to share the Love of God with these unreached people. You do not need medical experience.

Volunteers who help give out eye glasses need no specialized skill and will be trained.

The cost for the two-week expedition from Moscow is $3000. The expedition officially begins on a Saturday and ends on a Saturday. A deposit of $200 is required to reserve your place on the team, and the balance of the trip cost is due 8 weeks before departure.

Your trip fee includes: initial arrival and final departure airport transportation, all accommodations and meals on the expedition and in Moscow during the trip dates, and all other expedition expenses. We will also provide a translator on the weekends before and after the expedition to take you to several locations.
A visa is required for travel to Russia, and a LOI is required to apply for your visa.The cost for your Russian visa will usually run $150, but can be as much as $350 for same day processing.