Websit: http://csbministries.org
Email: harold@csbministries.org
Address: 1000 Stormont St.
Ottawa ON
K2C 0M9 Canada




Who Are We?

Christian Service Brigade is not a kids club. Its a multi-year discipleship program designed to give a boy everything he needs to be a man of God. He’ll learn real world skills as well as spiritual ones that he can apply throughout is entire life.

Where We Serve

Southern Ontario

What We Do

Leadership Training – CSB helps to create a context designed for boys and men to thrive as they grow together. Buiding young men into godly leadership is difficult to do alone. We want to equip you with what we’ve learned about discipling boys and young men from over 75 years of ministry. We know that boys learn spiritual lessons best in the context of hands on activity under the discipleship of mature Christian men. No need for you to re-invent the wheel. We are eager to share!

Programs Offered

Varies for young men between the ages of 6 to 18. Our programs are achievement oriented and include outdoor activities.

Program Requirements

Please see our website for details on getting started.