Bible for ChildrenWebsit:
Address: PO Box 3
Thetis Winnipeg, MB
R3C2G1 Canada



Who Are We?

Bible for Children desires that every child in the world can read about Jesus in their own language. 60 Bible stories in English have been produced and are offered freely on our website. They have been translated into over 100 languages.

Where We Serve

Our website serves people all over the world

What We Do

Bible stories are downloaded from our website to computers, tablets and smartphones. Coloring books and tracts are printed from our website. All material is free. Churches, missionaries and other groups access the resources, as well as the general public.

Programs Offered

Volunteer translators around the world assist us as we grow from 115 to 1,000 languages.

Program Requirements

Anyone who knows English and another language can help