Toronto Health Seminar

Digital  products now manage our lives, even at an early age. What used to be  active play time for kids, and even adults, has become predominantly  Digitally based entertainment. And this love affair with technology is  actually killing us! Commuting, working at a desk with a computer and  telephone, and then spending time watching TV at night, or even surfing  the net for pleasure, has created a whole new and unknown set of  consequences on our health! A combination of terms like “Digital  Dimentia”, “Sitting Disease”, and “Sedentary Death Syndrome” are now  being seen as connected causes for most chronic diseases like  Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, Diabetes, Cancer and Heart Disease and Stroke.  The average Canadian will spend the last 10 years of their life living  in sickness according to a recent Heart and Stroke report. Those kids  born after 2000 are predicted not to out-live their parents! Our health  system is already stressed and the Baby Boomers will not reach 75 until  2021! This is unacceptable! The only solution is to take control,  starting with protecting your brain!

– Flexor Dominant Posture is  weak Postural Design and unfortunately has become the new “normal” – not  the ideal which is the rounded back and forward head position.
– This describes the Tech Neck Syndrome associated with chronic sitting and “Sitting Disease”, or the New Smoking!
–  Digital Dementia occurs from a prolonged increase neural activity due  to continuous visual stimuli from smart phones and computers.
– Digital Dimentia is directly linked to memory loss, lack of concentration, lack of coordination, ADHD, depression and anger.
– There is a solution, and a simple way to measure brain performance before it becomes too late…

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Location: Peoples Christian School  |  245 Renfrew Dr, Markham, ON L3R 6G3, Canada